There are many restaurant brands out there presenting franchise opportunities … but there are few brands with proven brand lovers. Texadelphia is a true Texas one-of-a-kind brand with built in demand, awareness and affection.

Texadelphia works collaboratively in a franchise-centric organization with great support systems in place. Our Texadelphia franchise partners enjoy many advantages, including low start-up costs, superb ground up or conversion construction design, strong branding and social media programs, and the best quality menu in the business.


We offer franchises to qualified applicants for the establishment and operation of Texadelphia restaurants. Each restaurant offers quick service specialty sandwiches and other related food products, including signature cheesesteak sandwiches, which are retailed through our distinctively styled trade dress and design (each a “Texadelphia Restaurant”).

Each Texadelphia Restaurant operates in accordance with our proprietary business format and system (“Texadelphia System”).


Franchisee Benefits

Our distinctive exterior and interior design, décor, color scheme, graphics, fixtures, furnishings, and materials
Specially-designed equipment and equipment layouts
Recipes for food and beverages (including proprietary food ingredients, mixes, marinades, and methods of preparation and presentation)
Community and social networking presence
Specifications, policies and procedures for Operations
Quality and uniformity of the products and services offered
Procedures for inventory, management, and financial control
Training and opening orientation assistance
Promotional programs
Other standards, specifications, techniques and procedures that we designate for developing, operating and managing a Texadelphia Restaurant